LOLs of the OLiest Kind

On Friday Tinker asked us to make someone laugh. Unfortunately, through a freak of genetics, I was born without a sense of humour. I do, however, know someone who was born with a great sense of humour.

Five minutes from the finale of Buster Keaton's Steamboat Bill Jr, re-edited slightly to fit an Orbital remix of the Doctor Who theme:

And three minutes from the opening of Keaton's The Playhouse, set to Bentley Rhythm Ace:


zhoen said...

LOL all over the place.

Thought I'd tell you, since you don't do that sort of thing.

(Must be a space cat thing.)

tinker said...

Thanks Pacian - it did make me laugh, more than once. The second one was for some reason my favorite, possibly the scoring.
Did you do the editing/re-mixing? Their very well done!
(and I don't think you're entirely bereft of a sense of humor, either :)

Thanks for the laugh!

Pacian said...

You're welcome!

If you click on one of the videos, that should take you to YouTube where you'll see that they were the work of a person called hihuy. They've done seven in total.