Pacian's Eurovision 2011 Picks

Wait, stop, they forgot to count my votes!

Okay, for all that I like a multitude of different kinds of stuff, one thing I always disavow any authority on is music. All the same, after watching some of the show and YouTubing the rest, here's how I'm distributing my points:

12 - Moldova
10 - Italy
8 - Germany
7 - Bosnia and Herzgovina
6 - Sweden
5 - Georgia
4 - Hungary
3 - Iceland
2 - Estonia
1 - France

Based on the music videos, you can swap Germany and Italy around, but on the night Raphael Gulazzi pulled out a fantastic live jazz performance, while Lena Meyer-Landrut seemed a bit lost amidst all the light and noise. Hungary has a similar deal - the song itself is a bit mediocre, but Kati Wolf sung her heart out and really sold me on it.

Anyway, here's the hats - I mean, song that got my douze points.

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diddums said...

Moldova did very well in the contest. :-) We now have a bear sitting downstairs wearing a soft toy blackbird as a hat...

The madness of it reminds me of an act I loved a few Eurovisions ago... worth looking up if you don't remember it, but I've no idea if there is any video of it... Alf Poier (Austria): 'Because Humans Count', Eurovision 2003.

Iceland's entry this year was sung by the friends of the singer/writer, who died. When you know that, the lyrics ('Coming Home') are haunting.