"Cole Phelps, traffic."

So I just bought an Xbox especially for L.A. Noire, my second most expensive recent purchase after my new glasses. (Well, I say "especially" but hopefully I'll find some other stuff to play on it too.) I'm surprised at how big the thing is, and how heavy. When I planned taking it home on the bus I was kind of expecting something more like my friendly little Wii.

Anyway, here's how my first proper case went: first I accused the only witness of lying and she stopped speaking to me. Then, driving away from the crime scene, I crashed straight into a shop front. Getting out to make sure that none of the people who ran away screaming were hurt, I stepped in front of a car and was knocked down. Now confident that no-one was injured (except me) I then got back in my patrol car and proceeded to reverse over the body and fail the case.

Shortly after that, I was promoted to the traffic division.


Geosomin said...

For some reason when I read this I got a memory of a driving game I played a few years ago on my PS2 where if you backed over clown "accidentally" with your car it would make this great honking sound. But only once. :)
Any clowns available to runover in this game?

Pacian said...

Only in the Joe Pesci sense.

Anonymous said...

It sounds tricky... kind of like real life. :-)