What have I done?!

Adiós old NASA headers, hello brand new Blogger template. I probably wouldn't have gotten around to this if Google didn't seem to be on a quest to prettify everything up. These new templates are pretty cool, although a lot of the background images suffer from the same issues as the ones available for the Google homepage - they're gorgeous images by themselves, but they don't fit so nicely around the content.

Still, this image of Earth is rather nice, although if I can figure out how to upload my own background image I'll probably change it to something from Cassini...

Let me know if you have any issues with functionality/readability/accessibility etc.


Zhoen said...


Simply my preference, but the semi-transparent text floating over the immobile background does not aid readability. IMSO. (In my silly opinion.)

Tinker said...

Nice look. Your blog seems to have so much more space, now that you've redecorated. ;)

gnome said...

Love the new theme. It's so, so, sleek!

Pacian said...

@Z: Not a silly opinion, but one I share myself. A different background image might work better.

@T: In more ways than one, yes.

@Gnome: "Sleek. Fast. Revolutionary. Who knows what wonders await our crews in the bosom of the cosmos? All we do know, is that it's a great day for mankind!"