Monday Movie: Sherlock Holmes

I went to see Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes today. Rumours of the famous hero being sexed up or deconstructed are mostly unsubstantiated, and although it may be something of an action film at times, I'd argue that it still has a proper detective plot that makes the typical Basil Rathbone film look rather lightweight. On that subject, I'd also add that Downey Jr is the first actor I've seen who, in my eyes, can hold a candle to Rathbone's portrayal of Holmes (although Rathbone wins out on faithfulness). And Jude Law is far and away the best Watson I can name.

We've also got a fantastically vivid and grimy depiction of Victorian London, where the expected CGI milieus actually work very well, and Hans Zimmer's score is a catchy blend of Victorian sounds and modern tastes. Not to forget the snappy, fencing repartee that Downey Jr and Law lend to a delightful chemistry between Holmes and Watson.

Sherlock Holmes was exactly the right kind of clever, fast-paced, witty, rambunctious adventure to appeal to me, and if you're looking for a film about secret doors, fist fights and engaging characters, booking some tickets for this is probably a good place to start.


Zhoen said...

When it comes out on dvd, so I won't notice all the obvious CGI so much. Bugs me enough in the previews.

Geosomin said...

excellent...I've been rather nervous about this...I haven't gotten up the nerve to go see it yet.

jhofford said...

This movie looks good, not sure if I want to shell out 9.50 for a ticket or just wait til it comes out on DVD though. Good review by the way.

Michelle said...

I'm debating taking Sage to this one. It looks good though.