Monday Movie: Infernal Affairs

For ten years Yan has been so deep undercover that only two people knew he was a cop - and one of those has just died. But as Yan's intelligence helps to tighten the noose around canny crime boss Sam, it becomes apparent that the police have been infiltrated as well. Lau, a consumate police officer who has risen through the ranks, remains loyal to Sam, even as he reaps the benefits of a respectable job. Both sides race to uncover their mole before it's too late - while Lau and Yan must reconcile their day-to-day lives with their actual roles in society.

Although at times it may strive for heights of drama and depths of emotion that it can't quite reach, Infernal Affairs is a slick, tightly plotted thriller that never lets up the pace. Contrary to what you may expect from a Hong Kong police movie, this an intense battle of wits rather than firearms, with plenty of well thought out twists and surprises along the way.

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Zhoen said...

Sounds good and twisty.