We All Love Charlie Brooker

To say that Charlie Brooker's Gameswipe is a truly important piece of games journalism is most obviously a statement about how much of professional games journalism is utter toss - but that shouldn't imply that the single fifty minute episode of genuine video games content that the BBC saw fit to give Brooker is any less than the fantastic piece of uncompromising, acerbic and hilarious commentary you'd expect.

Brooker tries to cram a lot into the time he's been given, attempting a brief history of video games, an explanation of the different genres, and - crucially - actual discussion of human beings playing games. He also returns frequently to the question of why such a popular medium gets so little exposure and discussion in the wider media outside of dismissal and scaremongering.

If you're in the UK you can watch the show on the BBC iPlayer here. The rest of you will have to settle for the glitchy YouTube videos, starting with part one above.

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Tinker said...

What an entertaining segment. Suddenly I feel my age - I remember when Pong came out! And Pac Man, Space Invaders...Gaming's certainly come a long way, hasn't it?