So Geocities are closing, and although it has become something of a byword for ugly sites with Under Construction banners, Internet historians have been keen to remind us that there's an awful lot of culture and reference in there as well.

The only reason I'm writing about this is because yesterday I randomly found myself at a pretty good Geocities site about Oswald Boelcke (one of the first fighter pilots, the father of air combat tactics, the first ace, beloved mentor of Manfred von Richtofen...)

I haven't been to a Geocities site in years, and then the day before they all start going up in smoke, there I am, staring at that spammy sidebar and thinking, "Hey, this is a good site."


gnome said...

It was a kitsch paradise, it was. It will be missed... Thank gods we still got MySpace.

diddums said...

I remember it chiefly for gumming up my old slow Mac! People I knew would base their sites there, and they would take forever to load.

I think I'm coming down with Geo's chills. (Coughs all over Pacian's blog).