You Make Irving Look Bad

I'm seriously digging the supporting cast in Resident Evil 5. One of the reasons I love the second Resident Evil game so much is because of its varied and interesting minor characters, something which I don't think any subsequent RE game quite achieved again - until this one. So here - for example - is squeaky-voiced Ricardo Irving, an arms dealer who, following the events of the previous games, now sells the likes of giant, black-shelled crab monsters to despotic regimes and guerilla fighters.

Speaking of which, while RE4 seemed mostly concerned with taking the storyline somewhere completely different and finally moving on from Raccoon City, RE5 takes a broader perspective, looking backwards to tie events and relationships into the new bigger picture. By creating an alternate history where zombies and monsters have proliferated as weapons of mass destruction, far from seeming like it's been tenuously strung out, the Resident Evil series now feels like it's opened up a whole new range of possibilities for where it can take its characters.

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