Comics and Stuff

Dawn of Time is a webcomic about a Victorian time traveller, a cave girl and a triceratops who all have hijinks together. I think it's great, so you should probably read it too, on account of my superior taste.

Scary Go Round, one of the most prolific, funny, imaginative and well characterised webcomics has also come to its conclusion this month, making me feel extra bad for always being stuck in the archives and never caught up to date.

Actually, my comic reading is hopelessly behind in general at the moment. There's a stack by my bedside yea high. Maybe I'll catch up a bit while I'm reading the next couple of non-graphic novels on my pile, thick bricks of prose that they are.


Michelle said...

Sage LOVES graphic novels. The thing is, most of them are too mature for a ten year old. Any suggestions?

Pacian said...

Hmm. I'm not sure. Hope Larson and Ted Naifeh are two comic creators I really like who've done stuff suitable for teens and older kids. You might try searching Amazon for their stuff.

And there's always Tintin.