No Winners Among Sisters

Credit: Tuan Cao (source)
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I have a really uncanny knack for falling ill only at the weekend. I've spent the past couple of days shivering under a blanket - so no Sky Spiders today, I'm afraid. (I'm pretty sure it's not swine flu.)

I can, however, give you the results for EnvComp, as well as the judges' reviews. It does seem a bit unfair to be declared the winner of a competition whose only other entrant was its author's first game - and only written in a week to boot - so I think the real prize for me is that this event got me to write a little game that I'm rather pleased with.

I was only planning on releasing a post-competition version of Dead Like Ants in the case of significant bugs* or problems, and although I do have a fair few potential changes on my list, none of them are really critical. I think the game as it stands is small and self-contained. And also, at the moment I think that Snowblind Aces and Space Shot are far more obvious candidates for an update.

But some time soon(er or later) I may post a few of the copious notes and diary entries that hammered out the game's design.

*This is not a pun, since there are no bugs, taxonomically speaking, in Dead Like Ants.


gnome said...

Still... congrats! And an updated Space Shot... yes please!

J.Lucy said...

I hesitate to think what you would have done with sucking proboscides.
I hope you do post those notes, though. And congratulations on another fine game.

Pacian said...

Thanks you two. :-)

Michelle said...

All better now?

tinker said...

Congratulations, none the less!
And I hope you're feeling better now - and since it's almost the weekend - hope you stay well!

LuluBunny said...

a belated, but still sincere, sorry you were ill :)