I think this blog probably has a few readers involved in education and academia, so you might be interested in my web-friend Tiki Martin's new blog Room 107, about her experiences providing 'alternative education' for those students that struggle to fit in with mainstream schooling.

That is all.


gnome said...

I'd like to read more about alternative education that would help TV-infected students of urban matters understand that safety is NOT a true problem. Let me know. :p

Tiki said...

Thank you for the exposure!

I've been wondering if perhaps my posts should focus on more positive things occasionally. I've been thinking a bit lately about how people (including me) tend to be entertained by the negative.


I'm glad I don't watch TV--at least I don't have to worry that my perceptions are influenced by that.

Interesting that it comes off as urban. I live in a town of 30,000 in the middle of nowhere.

And safety is a problem when you're in the classroom breaking up a fight, or when your students are afraid to walk home because their brother was put in the hospital and they're next on the list.

Jeez, I guess I'm feeling a bit touchy today.

Pacian said...

@Tiki: I wouldn't force positivity into places where it's not welcome, but I think that everything needs a little light and dark to make it compelling.

And I wouldn't be too quick to snap at Gnome, as I think he might be referring, obliquely, to himself. ;-)

Tiki said...

Got it. Sigh. I feel about as smart as a lake full of hammers or something like that.