Friday Buster Keaton Blogging

Buster looks through the wrong window in The Goat and winds up in the mugshot of a notorious criminal. This 27-minute 1921 film is out of copyright and available for download here.

For those of you in the UK with TVs, Paul Merton's documentary on Buster is showing on BBC2, tomorrow (Saturday 10th), 6.30pm-ish.

Update: Having now seen Merton's documentary, I can heartily recommend it. I should add that the last half hour consists of a Buster Keaton short in full - its title: The Goat. Huh.


LuluBunny said...

I've long been in love with Buster, but I must admit to loving Harold Lloyd a bit more (for his films, not the vaguely creepy later obsession with nude 3D photography, LOL).

Pacian said...

Been meaning to get into Lloyd, but the DVDs are too expensive.