Classic Game: Tetris

In a recent issue of Retro Gamer, Stuart Campbell wrote with great nostalgia of the era when games magazines would simply take photographs of television and handheld screens, producing ethereal optical effects. So, the image above isn't a bug, it's a feature. In other news, I now have a headache and a few dozen really blurry photos of my old Gameboy.

I never really notice Halloween, so I didn't think to swap this entry with Resident Evil 2 earlier, but even if I had, is there any terror quite like that of Level 9, High 5?


tinker said...

It sounds like getting stuck at level 9 must be something like being stuck in a pumpkin - no matter how tasty they look, beware of chocolate biscuits that encourage you to eat them...it's a trick not a treat!

I'm sorry you have a headache - I hope your happy cat will make you feel better - at least they're more cuddly than gameboys, anyway.
Happy Halloween, Pacian!

gnome said...

Aha! A Retro Gamer reader!