Classic Game: Resident Evil 2

"What's going on in this town? "
"I don't have a clue, darlin'. By the time I noticed something was wrong, the entire city was infested with zombies!"

Well, it's a classic to me.


Anonymous said...

This game is awesome :D I'm not sure what Capcom did with this one that made it so much better than the other pre-RE4 games in the series - I just remember enjoying this one to bits, while I just got bored of the other ones quickly. I can't quite put my finger on why.

Pacian said...

I think it's down to basic storytelling: a cast of characters with strong motives all set against one another. Even little Sherry is trying to help her father, whereas in less imaginative hands she'd just be 'the cute/annoying kid getting into trouble'.

Not to mention that the locations and their ambience flow nicely from the story. In the other games the developers seemed to just go, "Where haven't we had zombies yet? Oh right, a train/power station/zoo."

So yeah, I guess it really is a classic as far as I'm concerned. o_O