Friday Fish Blogging

Ameiurus melas, a catfish.


tinker said...

But, of course - a catfish is the perfect choice for a spacecat. A very handsome catfish at that - much better looking than the ones I've seen. Ameiurus is rather difficult for me to pronounce - can I just call him Russ?

zhoen said...

Yummy when caught fresh, fried up immediately.

Pacian said...

@T: Actually, her name is Amy.

@Z: Please, don't discuss such things in front of our honoured guest!

zhoen said...

Yummy.... as in lovely to look at... yeah, that's what I meant. Fried... as in, warmed to... um. As in, glistening water, nice and fresh water.

(Is she buying it?)

Udge said...

I'm truly sorry to say that my first reaction was Zhoen's. Mea culpa.

Actually this could be the start of a wonderful new Friday CatThing Blogging: Catenary, Catechism, Caterpillar, Catford UK ... the mind boggles.