Thank Fuck for Oni Press

Whenever you're looking for western comics that aren't about superheroes or gangsters, and things seem their bleakest... there is Oni Press, arriving on the scene in its reassuringly normal car, with no rocket boosters or bulletproof windows, full of flawed human beings, imaginary horses, strange monsters and pirates!


Floraine Kay said...

I'll have to get those comics. As soon as I feel up to it, I'll start to look into them.
My cat Larry is very sick and it may be psychosomatic or it may be worse.

When you get a chance, can you check out my blog -- if you could look at "Making Square Wheels" or any of the other recent posts, I'd appreciate it. My school is spiraling into chaos and I'm actually now being beaten up a bit -- see the post called Halloween. I respect your opinion a lot,so I'd like to know what you think

Pacian said...

Floraine, I feel a little guilty now. I have been reading your posts, I'm just the kind of person who chickens out rather than leaving comments that might be misinterpreted or accidentally hurtful. Hypocritical, since when I'm unhappy I naturally want others to support me.

I'm rooting for you Floraine, and I especially send best wishes to Larry. I hope he's okay.

Floraine Kay said...

Thanks for your support. Larry is much better. He picks up any kind of stress and has a physical reaction. He's very sweet and will also snuggle you when he sense your down.

You can disagree with me and it's fine. Thanks for your support. I value your opinion either way. I never intended to hurt anyone. I WAS trying to question my principal's hypocrisy. What makes me feel awful now is that I know I work with people who would turn on me for 45 minutes worth of pay -- between 50 and 95 dollars, depending on their salaries. Some friends, eh? My best friend (xxx)nearly lost her job because serious illness made her late, and all people did was tell her, "time is time" and they complained behind her back. I thought they were just resentful. Now I know they just don't care. My best friend is also the kind of teacher who works with students as long as they can -- when we had our previous principal, that could mean midnight.