Dedicated to our American Betters

Sometimes I get the impression that apparently cash-saving DVD collections are just dumping grounds for discs that can’t be sold individually.* Take this three disc collection of Mad Max films, that just can’t seem to get any cheaper. On the second price drop, I had to pick it up.

But the movies are all in their Americanised Americanized versions for some reason. Hopefully, as far as I can tell, the most damage done to the actual movies is that Mad Max 2 is now ‘THE ROAD WARRIOR’ complete with swooshing metallic sound effect. When it comes to the first film, the movie seems fine, but there is something very unusual about the default settings of the disc. I post the following screen cap without further comment.

*EDIT: Actually, on further investigation, it seems the movies are still in these versions when you buy the DVDs separately.


susanna said...

Hmmm...Does that mean that if I chose Original Australian, Tina Turner would speak Aussie? MastaBlastaRunOutofTownontheBarbie!

Pacian said...

Fortunately, the first film was the only one to somehow merit an American (or 'English') dub.

Michelle said...

Hey, thanks for the recognition! Word!


I have found that the bundled DVD's usually have a bunch of filler crap that one would never buy unless it was included in the collection.

Pacian said...

You say that, but the only extras on any of the three discs are a dodgy trailer for Mad Max 3 and a page telling me to buy Lethal Weapon.