No Kerbal Left Behind*

While the Auto-Kitten 1 arced along its slow orbit to Eve, poor Bob Kerman was still trundling around on the Mun.

Unfortunately, the Auto Kitten 1 was such a pleasure to drive because of the many lessons I learned the hard way with Bob's rover, and realising that I was never going to get him to any interesting locations, I decided he should turn around and make the arduous return trip to Kerbin.

*Except Hudbles Kerman.


Zhoen said...

Oh, I am glad you got 'em back.

Pacian said...

'Tis often the harder part of the journey.

Zhoen said...

Poking around, found the Chris Hadfield twitter feed. And he is a Kerbal fan.

Chris Hadfield ‏@Cmdr_Hadfield 16 Nov
Good morning! I think this is my favorite Kerbal Space Program character. Not sure why. @Movember @KerbalSpaceP pic.twitter.com/QFq7kKENoF

Pacian said...