Played It: FTL: Faster Than Light

Mayday... Mayday...

This is the S.S. Space Cat, a Federation starship deep in Mantis territory. We have been attacked and boarded by pirates and are in need of immediate assistance.

Attempts to expose the invaders to space have back-fired... They disabled our life support systems before teleporting away and we are unable to re-pressurise those sectors... We've already sent two crew members in there, and both suffocated before they could even begin repairs... Fires are raging out of control, consuming even more oxygen that we don't have...

Is anybody out there? We are carrying information vital to the Federation.

Please respond!



Geosomin said...

Distress cal acknowedged. Response team dispatched to your coordinates.
Ho ho ho. :)

Pacian said...

[only static]