Played It: Gears of War 2

Game Central's review of the third game prompted me to pick up this budget re-release. It was, I must say, pretty much what I expected. A simplistic, macho shooty game, with satisfyingly meaty violence.

It also, in the planet of Sera, has some pretty interesting world-building - Old World architecture rubbing shoulders with chunky retro technology and subterranean monster civilisations. But for a game so interested in being cinematic, it actually doesn't place much stock in storytelling. Dom's quest for his wife is tacked on and ends questionably to say the least, while the main war story is rather haphazard and coincidental.

And yet for all that, the main surprise for me was how much I liked this thing. Shooting stuff in gorgeous environments is rather addictive when done this well.


gnome said...

I too then will give GOW a try. When I grow up and get my very own Xbox 360 that is.

Then again, really, how could you stand the main character?

Pacian said...

The first two were released for the PC I believe, although I'm not sure how findable they are.

And I barely noticed the main character. He doesn't exactly have an over-abundance of personality.

gnome said...

Well, he does have an over-abundance of muscle and that's the sort of character I've come to despise. Those neo-fascist big guys are getting far too common in contemporary pop culture.

Anyway. I might have a look for them PC versions when I;m slightly older then :)