New Cushion

Somehow he was able to tell that it is for him.


Michelle said...

How adorable! He's found his twin!

Zhoen said...

Everything is his. Some of them he likes.

Nice choice.

Geosomin said...

I do believe your cat is the fluffiest of them all.
He sure does seem to like the new cushion :)

Pacian said...

@Michelle: Yep. there's definitely a similarity.

@Z: Well, yes, I suppose he is boss around here.

@Geo: He seems to love it to bits.

Tinker said...

Of course, it was for Him. Even if it hadn't been intended for him, he would claim it by squatter's rights. That is the first law of cats - they claim ownership of all that is soft and warm in their territory (including us).

Pacian said...

@Tinker: Quite so.