The Reflexive Engine

Just trying another little series. I'm going to try and keep each chapter relatively short (I'm aiming for 500 words), and I'm also going to maintain this post as a contents page of sorts.

I: The Golden Egg
II: Jezebel
III: Beau
IV: Charlie
V: Once Cracksman's Gang
VI: Parts
VII: Lakechurch
VIII: The Skysail
IX: Thanks for the Horse
X: Travelling Salesman
XI: Fission


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Geosomin said...

I'm so glad you're doing this. I've really enjoyed your past short stories and writing.

Anonymous said...

I like your Chapter List, it helps me track all the stories down. I already read the first two chapters; I have copied the links and will take my time over the rest. Need some breakfast and life-giving coffee now... been up since 5 in the morning!