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I know Starcraft is only getting a sequel because the game's multiplayer is now pretty much South Korea's official sport. And I know that Blizzard is in the grip of Activision's drive to turn video games into soulless, mass-produced consumer goods bereft of any kind of creativity.

But I really liked Starcraft's single player campaign (at least until Brood War, when the missions suddenly required actual strategy and I flailed like mad). I think it's a great example of a well integrated narrative, and nicely defines a universe that steals all the best bits of your favourite science fiction books and movies, and mixes them up into this glorious mash of trailer trash in space; biomechanical alien infestations; dying elder races; and allying, back-stabbing factions thereof. So... consider me hyped.

Not sure how I feel about Tricia Helfer as Kerrigan, though.


Zhoen said...

Sent this to a Starcraft fan I happen to live with.

gnome said...

Nice trailer though, eh?

Anyway. I'm with you Pacian and will be playing Starcraft II in single player only in order to -hopefully- enjoy the excellently integrated and generally good plot. All my multiplayer needs are currently covered by the co-op in Alien Swarm.