Post 1000

So this is my 1000th post at Space Cat Rocket Ship, the blog with the slightly erroneous four word title that no-one knows quite how to space out or hyphenate.

The popular portrayal of a blog (at least by the newspapers that have so much to fear from them) is of a soapbox from which to try and inflict your views on the world; a sea of monologues readily available to all, but completely drowning one another out. I'm sure there are some people who have important things to say in particular niches who succeed in using their blog in just that way. I'm sure many more try, wonder why no-one reads their posts, and then give up.

Because I don't see a blog as a monologue. Even the most authoritative and well known blogs are clearly dialogues - their authors, commenters and communities all blurring together.

Space Cat Rocket Ship has kind of barrelled through the intertubes like the aimless rocket referred to in the header above. I first started reading blogs when my friend Disillusioned Kid began one of his own, and I clicked a few of the links in his sidebar. When leaving comments, I decided I wanted to be able to provide a space which would act as a kind of dynamic profile page, letting people know what kind of a person was visiting. I guess that's still the ethos behind this blog even now, as most of my posts here are fuelled by the desire to share something I think is cool and articulate why, or to post something creative that I've worked on.

I know some of you are interested in generating traffic to and/or monetising your blogs, but I'm quite happy knowing that a visitor coming to this blog for any one thing is probably going to leave disappointed after a while. Because, like I said, I see this place as a two way dialogue, and I like the fact that I'm just as, if not more interested in what you guys have to say.

So thank you to all my regular and irregular commenters, whether I first saw you commenting on Pinko Feminist Hellcat, read your Sunday Scribblings, found you through Blogging Against Disablism Day, grabbed your interest with one of my little freeware games, or just happened to be the landing pad for a random link clicking. Let's have another reunion at post 2000...


Zhoen said...


Often I have nothing to say here, but I always stop by and eavesdrop. Here, bend down a little, (mmmwwaa!) That was an aunt-ly kiss on your forehead, and one for Space Cat too.

You always leave the best comments on my little site. Usually I laugh out loud, startling Moby occasionally (but not badly.)

gnome said...

I suggest you post more frequently, as I like those reunions. As for Space Cat Rocket Ship, well, I quite love it, probably for more than one reasons, though admittedly we do share quite a few interests. And you write brilliantly. Of course.

Wish I also knew what I wanted to do with blogging in a more precise manner.

Cheers and keep it up Pacian!

Geosomin said...

I believe the 1000 anniversary involves gifts of jewel encrusted goblets...or something similar.

Here's one I found for you round back in the castle goblet room...and a small one for the cat for all the smiles, wonderfully odd comments and ideas I know you've given me and others.


mark said...

happy 1111101000 th

Michelle said...

I'm glad you plan to continue until post 2000, as it seems as though many of my blogging friends have thrown in the towel. I, for one, enjoy the eclectic mix of posts on your blog, and have rented many movies due to your recommendations. :-)

Pacian said...

@Z: Aw, shucks.

@Gnome: Right back atcha, mate.

@Geo: If I swallow any of these jewels, you'll hear about it.

@Mark: 10 thumbs up to that!

@Michelle: Thanks. Glad to know I've done some good in the world.


Kayt said...

That was lovely and beautifully written - and I adore reading your blog even when I don't know enough about a topic to comment upon it :)

Tinker said...

I second Zhoen's comment - you do leave the best comments and I always enjoy stopping by here to eavesdrop, even when I don't have much to contribute to the conversation.
I'm raising my mouse to you in a toast - Well done, Pacian! Long may you write Space Cat Rocket Ship! Here's to another happy thousand posts!

Pacian said...

@K and T: Thank you both. :-)

Anonymous said...

I like your comments too, and the fact that I don't always know what I'll find when you visit this blog. I do feel there's a rounded person here, and not someone whose main and overriding interest appears to be in just one thing. :-) Bunnyman said what hooks him in any blog is 'the voice'.