Monday Movie: Michael Clayton

Michael Clayton is the "fixer" for a powerful law firm, the man called in when everything goes wrong. While driving away from managing a hit-and-run incident in the countryside, the exhausted Clayton leaves his car to share a moment of tranquillity with a group of beautiful horses. And that's when the car bomb that was meant for him explodes.

Rewind four days and Clayton is just getting involved with a multi-billion dollar lawsuit where he's needed to manage a mentally ill lawyer who has developed the worst possible symptom: a conscience.

Tony Gilroy's Michael Clayton is more than just an Oscar-baiting, well written, carefully plotted law drama. It's a film of evocative ambience and believable characters, that tries to get to the root of why otherwise pleasant people can do truly terrible things.

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Kayt said...

Beautifully written review of an excellent movie! :)