Thursday Comic

Birds of Prey: Between Dark and Dawn - Gail Simone, Ed Benes, et al.

Still reading through this lot (I mentioned a previous book in the same series here). Simone's writing is still strong, and super anti-heroes Savant and Creote made me laugh out loud at times. But the art seems to be suffering from passing between a wide variety of artists. The book doesn't credit who's drawing each chapter, but there's a definite transition from the clean, bold artwork of the first book to a scrappier, looser style by the end of this one, and it's not a change I liked too much.

It also seems to suffer a bit from being a part of the DC Comics monopoly. Something extremely important happens to the Birds of Prey in this book - but the event itself seems to take place in a higher ranking series in the superhero canon, and we're just left with the aftermath. Still, Simone tells a snappy, confident story, even if the art may waiver.

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