3 Reasons I'm loving Batman: Arkham Asylum

1. Paul Dini
Co-creator and writer for Batman: The Animated Series, one of my favourite incarnations of Batman. Good plotting may not be his strong suit, but coming up with strong situations for the caped crusader most certainly is. He's also got a great knack for writing Harley Quinn's dialogue just so.

2. Mark Hamill, Arlene Sorkin, Kevin Conroy
Three voice actors reprising their roles from Batman: The Animated Series. Mark Hamill - yes, Mark "Luke Skywalker" Hamill - is my second favourite Joker after Heath Ledger. Kevin Conroy could teach Christian Bale a thing or two about how to do a deep 'Batman voice' without sounding like Patty and Selma. And Arlene Sorkin has the perfectly murderous and gratingly cute accent for Harley Quinn.

3. Oracle
We've already established that Oracle is my favourite superhero, so I am of course super, super pleased that she's in this game. Although she may be relegated, as is often her lot, to a voice in Batman's ear, Kimberly Brooks' voice acting exactly fits my expectations of what Oracle should sound like.


Zhoen said...

Have you seen "Comic Book:The Movie" in which Mark Hammill is a comic book shop owner?

He really was great in that series. One of my favorites as well.

Pacian said...

I haven't seen it... but now I want to.