Friday Earth Man on Venus Blogging

Everyone knows that Venus is inhabited by nubile, scantily-clad women. Otherwise, why call it that?


Zhoen said...

Earthman don't stand a chance with Venus, dude.

georgeolivergo said...

Awesome -- that's a cover from the Radio Planet series by Farley. You'd never know from the cover but it's a great pulp series, one of my favorites when I was wee one.

A radio hobbyist tinkering at home on Earth somehow transports himself to Venus with its intelligent giant ant civilization, war bees, and enslaved winged folk (where you find the nubile lasses). He has to wear fake wings and antennae, and manufacture a radio device to communicate as the natives do.

Pacian said...

@Z: Never underestimate the Earthman.

@G: Wow, small world. :-)