Nightly Lucubrations

Been a while since I last reviewed anything on the Interactive Fiction Database, but a couple of games from the recent IF Competition put me in a reviewing kind of mood, so here's a review each of The Lucubrator and Nightfall. I found Nightfall (pictured above) to be one of my favourite IF games of the past couple of years, so be sure to take a look.


gnome said...

Hey dear,

thought you might care for this:



(P.S Haven't forgotten *the other* projecty, have you?)

Pacian said...

Looks like an interesting prospect, but not sure I have the time, energy or necessary skills. I'll think about it, though.

And of course I haven't forgotten about project, Gnome! It's just buried under a pile of other stuff. Yes, it's here somewhere... I'm sure of it. o_O

gnome said...

Good to know, that :)

Back to quoting Allen Scott...