Calamity Annie

Auntie Pixelante's Calamity Annie is a game about a lesbian cowgirl shooting her way through a succession of bad hombres with ridiculous nicknames. Hey, that sounds like

Calamity Annie offers up some retro-tastic visuals and audio, coupled to simple but addictive gameplay. Best of all, though, in the style of the classic games of yore, the storyline and characters are fleshed out more through careful implication than outright exposition. There's a whole heap of personality to this one, and it's all presented in an unpretentious and entertaining fashion that's rare in modern games.

(Also, the chief love interest wears glasses, which is enough for me.)


chiya said...

Sounds interesting.
Yay for wearing glasses :)

Michelle said...

Love it! So your dream girl is also a lesbian? ;-)