More on Clockwork Hearts

Since a couple of people have picked up on this now, it might be time to provide an update on Blood from Clockwork Hearts. I have plenty of distractions, so progress is slow, however I'm hoping to keep the game relatively simple, so those two factors may cancel out - you never know. ;-)

Clockwork Hearts is going to be a turn-based strategy game with light RPG elements, set in a fantasy world with Napoleonic-era trappings. Much of the basic engine is done, save for the AI and the event scripting (which are also arguably the toughest parts), so, well... we'll see, won't we?

Graphics modified from RLTiles.


gnome said...

Aha! Finally! The shroud's been lifted and things look so very promising... Ah, yes, good days, good days indeed.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Not what I was expecting at all - can't wait to play it! :)