"I am a misunderstood robot"

Cynicism is the lingua franca of the modern videogame industry and it is also a heavy albatross weighing down on everyone trying to push the industry forward. [Independent game developer Jonathan] Mak’s demonstration at [the Games Developers Conference] today is, in my mind, the most audacious thing anyone has done at a platform that large, and, if there is any justice in the universe, it will be a historic event. We’ve become obsessed with technology and hyper-classification as the games industry settles fatly into a console-centric medium. In two minutes Mak reinforced everything that is powerful and beautiful about games, in a way that was more immediate and meaningful than a million cutscenes or a thousand parallel processors crunching a trillion polygons each.

Just what did Jonathan Mak do that was so amazing? Find out here.

Hat tip: TIGSource

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