Gun Mute: Let's Also Beta

I've uploaded Version 4 of Snowblind Aces - just a few little tweaks and fixes, including the mother of all typos. It's time to move on, I think, and finally get my mute cowboy game into beta.

Picking the game up again for the first time in a couple of months has given me mixed feelings about it. One important decision I made with Snowblind Aces - which I think is probably going to apply to all my future games - was: no puzzles. The thing is: I hate puzzles. There's nothing more annoying than a game with great atmosphere, characters and dialogue, which then expects you to take a break and figure out different ways to open a door.

My mute cowboy game, henceforth called Gun Mute, is a step in that direction in that I tried to make it about simple combat-oriented puzzles, but I still worry about the gameplay - and also everything else. But, well, it's practically done, so I might as well get it out there.

If you want to volunteer as a tester, feel free to comment below. Alternatively, I may come to you...

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