So Long, Thanks for All the Fallout

Mr Blair, soon to be former prime minister of the United Kingdom, thank you for your ten years of dedicated service to our nation. In particular, thank you for:

  • taking us into the quagmire in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • remaining passive while our 'closest ally' tortured our citizens.
  • talking big on climate change while our emissions rose.
  • overseeing unprecedented surveillance of your own citizens.
  • overturning our notions of freedom of speech and habeas corpus.
  • making us seem hypocrites when criticising repressive regimes.
  • making us the target of another group of terrorists, just as Northern Ireland struggles towards peace.
  • ignoring the measures of accountability necessary for democracy.
  • widening the gap between rich and poor, and reducing social mobility.
  • taking us still closer to an American-style healthcare system.
  • constantly saying one liberal, compassionate thing and doing exactly the conservative, selfish opposite.
  • espousing the ideals of democracy while ignoring your own people.

Goodbye, Mr Blair. You will be sorely missed.


Michelle said...

AT LEAST HE IS LEAVING. You are so very fortunate! We are still stuck, on our way to an even more American-style health care system, etc...

Oh, and the 35,000 additional troops. Man, what a nightmare.

susanna said...

Are you talking about the UK PM or the US President? There are so many similarities, it's hard to tell...sigh... Your PM's closest ally could actually go down in history as "The Worst American President". Now there's a legacy.

But there is hope...there could actually be a woman or an African-American president during our lifetime.