Friday Nymph Blogging

Echo, an Oread. All the various versions of her story seem to involve unrequited love. In this painting by John William Waterhouse, she pines for Narcissus.


zhoen said...



Are you there!

(are you there)



Not much of a relationship.

Michelle said...

I pined for Narcissus once. Seriously, only his name was Edgar.

Diddums said...

Oh yes, I knew a Narcissus. He looked just like that. He looked in the pool and saw himself with a beautiful woman on his arm, a well-paid job, a big house, and a BMW.

Udge said...

"friday nymph blogging"

Now there's a winning concept! Cats are so 2006.

Pacian said...

@Z: I would have thought you had more compassion than to mock her impediment.

@M+D: If I ever meet a rich man called Edgar with a beautiful woman on his arm, I will be sure to let Aphrodite know where to find him.

@U: Well, I got tired of Friday Frog Blogging.

Diddums said...

Don't trouble Aphrodite with him - get Artemis instead. (Evil chuckle).