Shorter for Science

I've been using pretty much the same rocket design for trips to Kerbin's moons for a while now, but, especially with the extra science components for career mode, I finally got exasperated with its gangly instability.

This new rocket uses the same layout for most of its stages, but has a much shorter and broader lander. I wasn't convinced that the extra engines and reduced fuel capacity weren't a compromise too far, but Jebediah successfully took it to the Mun's Farside Crater and back.


Strangers in Orbit

I threw together a slightly monstrous rocket to do a rescue contract.

Actually synchronising with the poor lost kerbonaut ate most of its fuel, but then it was just a short trip back down to the surface...


Sacrificial Kerbot

Oh, hello.

I've been playing Kerbal Space Program's career mode since the version 0.24 update. My best achievement so far has been crash-landing a probe onto one of Duna's ice caps, where it sent back temperature and pressure readings for juicy science points.


I Made Another Thing

This thing is about a bunch of weirdoes who talk at you.

Here it is.


Further Adventures in What's Happening

Once again, I volunteered to write examinations of the nominations for the XYZZY Awards' best character award, which you can find here, if you're into that kind of thing.


What's Happening

So yesterday I attended the XYZZY Awards Ceremony on ye olde ifMud.

Castle of the Red Prince was a nominee for Best Use of Innovation.


Change of plan...

Actually, there's something unseemly about dumping a load of images on a Blogger blog, so I'm going to post my failures at isuckatmetalslug.tumblr.com

Tumblr also lets me easily queue my failures up to post over the oncoming days and it doesn't compress the crap out of the screenshots (which are admittedly from a port that distorts the game's graphics anyway...)

I'll probably add a little post here if I manage to make any significant progress. Like it would be nice to make it to the mission 2 boss one day. :-/