I'm starting to suspect that, barring divine inspiration or theft, crafting a plot is kind of like sculpture.

What I mean is, you want a statue - but you get this ugly, shapeless chunk of rock instead. And you look over at Michaelangelo and wonder what the hell you're doing wrong. And the answer is that Michaelangelo got the shapeless lump of rock as well, but he didn't stop there.

Now just replace "statue" with "plot", and "lump of rock" with "not-a-plot".


Zhoen said...

I have to completely and resignedly agree with you.

Geosomin said...

that is why I've never gone very far with things I've written...it always seems to end up like a macaroni picture to me.
Although...the more you write it seems, the better it can be in the end. My brother joined a writer's guild years ago and writes a lot more short stories now...he's much better and has been improving as he writes. I haven't been able to get that together unfortunately... right now it's all scientific papers and abstracts with my MSc. Altho, I am getting better at those :)