A Typically Mondayish Monday

Still feeling a bit weak, but the rocketship seems to be under way again. The captain sends many purrs, although I'm still a bit worried about him.

I was able to pick up the Wii Goldeneye remake today, and am enjoying it muchly. Some nicely satisfying gunplay - and it's definitely nice to see a game with some Britishness on display, when most of our developers are busy making culturally American games.

Also, I'll probably post about one of the two dozen squillion Harold Lloyd films I've seen recently since I saw that bumper collection on sale - just as soon as I find the time and energy.


Zhoen said...

Purrs back to the capt'n.

It *has* been a very Mondayish Monday.

Michelle said...

This has been a week of Mondays. Maybe Friday will be different.