Stuff What's Going On

-Diane Abbott as opposition leader? Okay, of course we're going to wind up with a Brownite or Blairite who's only there to play the Machiavellian game (and of course it's going to be David Milliband), but it would be nice to imagine an actual left wing voice in there somewhere.

-Gonna give the ol' blog a bit of a spring clean at some point. Would be nice to be able to post widescreen YouTube videos properly.

-Getting a bit disheartened at my project. I think I just have to keep slogging through it until I've laid down the groundwork for the whole length of it, and just this seems hard enough. Struggling to feel like I've acheived anything, or even that what I've got so far is worth all this effort. Still chipping away at it, bit by bit.


gnome said...

Left voices are always needed. And believe me, they will get stronger and stronger as Europe joins the misery of the rest of the world.

And talking about projects... hmmm...

Michelle said...

I tend to be afraid to start large projects for the reason you've mentioned. I'm not a gambler, not even with time.