Out with the Old

Old mouse with a dodgy click, I consign you to oblivion.

The book I've been struggling with for weeks now has been thrown on the reject pile and replaced with something I'm steaming through (if I'd looked at the back of each and tried to guess which was the heavier read for me, I'd have been very wrong). Got a project at work that I'm enjoying, even if the rest of the drudgery is still there. And the sun is shining and the weather warm, even when it suddenly buckets down as it did this morning.

Now if only I could crystallise my various nebulous ideas into a coherent, well defined story of limited scope.


Zhoen said...

If you figure out how to do that, lemme know, woudja?

Some books are just perfect for throwing agains the wall, and little else. But they do make a lovely thump.

Zhoen said...


Sorry, I'm sure it will catch up.

Anonymous said...

OK, if my last comment didn't show up here, I'll come and make it again. :-) I kept getting 'error not found'.

Anonymous said...

Amazed by your new blog theme -- very cool. :-)

Michelle said...

Yep, the old crystallization of ideas problem. I know about that.

I haven't been giving books much chance lately. If it hasn't grabbed me in five pages, it's gone.

Anonymous said...

Had some sudden bucketing down today -- it would be sunny, only the clouds won't leave us alone.

Books can be strange, but these days I find I struggle even with easier ones. Perhaps I'm feeling I should be doing something else.