Ink 'n' Paper

When I went into town to pick up the newest Ace Attorney game, I figured I might as well pick up the latest issue of Retro Gamer as well. And then I thought I'd just quickly leaf through it before throwing it on the ol' pile of unread reading material. But - hey, is that Walker & Silhouette in the home brew section?

I'd imagine that these days a niche magazine probably has a smaller readership than some of the blogs W&S has been featured on, but it's still really cool to be mentioned in print - especially in one of the very few periodicals I happen to buy.


Zhoen said...

Very nice. Congrats and Huzzah.

georgek said...

Cool, any chance of a scan for us on the other side of the world?

Tinker said...

Congratulations, Pacian! Very cool!