What do you mean I was late with my annual round-up post? The date clearly says it was posted on the 31st December!

Only two comics made it onto the list, possibly related to the fact that my unread stack of comics, mangas and graphic novels actually got taller over the year. My first new year's resolution is to not buy any new books until I've read a considerable fraction of the enormous pile beside my bed.

My other new year's resolutions are the same they are every year: to read more and do more creative stuff.

And every year I do do a little more, so it seems like good resolutions to keep repeating.


Michelle said...

I need to make the New Year's resolution of "read more." I would definitely follow through on that one! :-) Creativity, though. What's your plan. I find it difficult to MAKE it happen.

Happy New Years!

Pacian said...

The plan is to create stuff. Once I do that, the creativity should just fall out naturally.