While there's certainly much I'd like to be jabbering about right now, I've spent the weekend shivering under a blanket and complaining - and I'm not really well enough to be sitting in front of a computer right now.Sky Spiders will return in the new year. I should return over the next couple of days.


Zhoen said...

The spiders will wait, rest, feel better. Chicken soup with a dash of cayenne.

Anonymous said...

You sound like my sister. She went Christmas shopping with me (had to, it was for Mum) but was very sneezy and miserable and red-nosed... went home as soon as she could. :-)

Hope you feel better soon. Sleep lots. Every time I slept, I felt that much better when I woke.

Geosomin said...

Feel better.
Take cheer...you could be over where I am. It's -43 with the wind :)

Tinker said...

Hope you feel better soon, Pacian - and that, all things considered, you have as merry a Christmas as possible. Take care!