And Now I Am Tired

As a way to spend my Sunday evenings, trying to squeeze out about a thousand words of bad fiction is definitely one of the more masochistic pastimes I could have chosen. But things are hopefully (I mean, I sure as hell don't have complete control over this thing) snowballing towards our first major revelation. So, you know, watch this space.


Bobby said...

Writing anything longer than a blog post is torture to me. When I try to write really long stuff, managing all of that text is maddening.

tinker said...

I, for one, am most appreciative of how you spend your Sunday evenings, Pacian! I may be late to arrive each week, but that's not at all indicative of how I look forward to reading it.

And as for, "I sure as hell don't have complete control over this thing" - funny how that works sometimes, isn't it? Who are all these characters, and how do they get in our heads?!

Michelle said...

Sounds good. Really good.

My class just read a blurb about a giant octopus yesterday during editing practice. It was like 30 meters long. Weird.