A Wild Sheep Chase: In Search Of Haruki Murakami

Alan Yentob explores the mysterious, offbeat, sexually charged world of Japan's most popular and internationally acclaimed writer.

Haruki Murakami is incomparable, a literary novelist tipped for the Nobel Prize, who writes cool, witty, and often surreal bestsellers. Notoriously enigmatic and media-shy Murakami has always shunned radio and television. However, he agreed to a rare and frank off-camera interview with the producer for this programme.

In this impressionistic film, Alan Yentob travels in Japan through the strange, labyrinthine landscape of Murakami's fiction on a jazz-fuelled 'wild sheep chase' of a journey. In Tokyo and Kobe he delves into the social and political background of Murakami's work and encounters his fans, critics, translators and a talking cat.

A Wild Sheep Chase: In Search Of Haruki Murakami, BBC One, 24th June 2008, 10.45pm.

So, I guess you just missed that then.

I wish I could write like Murakami. The ability to charge aimless everyday scenes with profoundly moving and imaginative surreality seems so appealing to me. If I could do that, I might need less robots and cowboys. Except, I like robots and cowboys.

It is too late for my confused and diluted sentiments to find coherence, but you should know that whatever those sentiments are, they're, well, very much whatever they are.


Zhoen said...

Gotta do what you do, that's all.

Michelle said...

You definitely integrate the surreal into your writing--that's one of the things I like so much about it.

Also, what zhoen said.