It sucks to be a perfectionist. Every little mistake or misdeed is painful until righted, and the memory of it once being awry still burns on.

In lighter news, there's a categorised list of free computer games courtesy of our favourite fisherman in a pointy hat here. And I'm not just linking to it because both my games made the list.


zhoen said...

Go do something inherently imperfect, often. Beat that bad perfection habit out of you. It ruins lives. Perfect is inhuman, impossible, unsatisfying. Pretty good, even very good, now those are attainable and worthy goals.

gnome said...

Perfection is indeed overrated. Oh, and thanks you for the (not overrated) plug too.

LuluBunny said...

I too battle the perfectionism demon - especially in social interaction. I'm always thinking I've just said the stupidest thing in all of human history. But since no one has yet banned me from speaking to them, I guess I'm probably not as awful as I imagine ;)