New Year's Resolutions

1. Read more.

2. Finish version 4 of Snowblind Aces.

3. Finish my mute cowboy game.

4. Write some kind of rough first draft for a novel.

5. Keep grooming my cat regularly.

6. Blog (an easy one).

I should probably have come up with better ones. I do not even remember what last year's were, or if I succeeded.


zhoen said...

Cat grooming blogging...

LuluBunny said...

Wishing you a magnificent 2008 :)

Michelle said...

I totally need to put your first and last ones on my list. Then I know I'd do well this year.

Happy New Year!

Cat grooming blogging sounds like it could be a profitable niche....

tinker said...

Wishing you a happy New Year full of reading, gaming, creativity, writing, blogging and cat grooming and other fun pursuits, Pacian :)

Geosomin said...

Your cat will be pleased :)
Sounds like a lot of creativity is afoot in the new year.
Happy New Year Pacian.

Bobby said...

Me too! Me too. I need to be a better blogger and work on writing projects too.

If you see me slowing down you gotta kick me in the butt.

...that'll require a lot of butt kicking on your part.