Well, I'm about to sign off for Christmas. As you may be aware, I love Christmas hugely, Christmas Eve as much as the day itself. I'd have disappeared from the internets sooner, but I had to put some finishing touches to Snowblind Aces, which you can now consider your Christmas present from me.

The most portable, but least user-friendly option for playing is to download the .t3 file from here and then find an interpreter to run it from this page. This is kind of like how you need a word processor to run a file containing static fiction. Interpreters are available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

If you're running windows, you may prefer to download a zipped executable from here - just download, unzip and double click.

After Christmas I'll put up a more comprehensive post, but for now, if you're new to interactive fiction, go here or here to learn a little more about how to play.

Have fun, and happy holidays from me and my cat. ;-)


zhoen said...

(scritches for Spacecat)

Tinker said...

Wishing you and your space cat a very merry Christmas, Pacian!

gnome said...

Hey cat, do wish Pacian a happy new year and tell him I just downloaded Snowblind Aces...


(raises festive ale-filled horn)

Pacian said...

Thanks all.

Geosomin said...

Merry Christmas Pacian :)

Meow mew meow mrow spacecat.