Cool Science Geek

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There was one of these going around before, but it was American-centric to the point of unusability. What was my grade point average? Good question, I mean they never gave me points. It was an education, not a basketball game.

I really liked this one, though, because I can actually still remember what we covered of nucleosynthesis in A Level physics. And it has a picture of Carl Sagan.
Hat-tip: Geosomin


zhoen said...

I got Cool High Nerd.

If I'd had to take the other one, I'd have been almost at lost, since I went to catholic high school, which was also pretty different from mainstream US public schools.

Udge said...

Snap! Cool high nerd here too. My computer/tech score was higher than my history/literature, which surprised me.

Geosomin said...

Ah....but I am the Queen!

Actually I sucked at the literature history part. And apparently I could be much more awkward if I just put my mind to it.
Perhaps I need some royal advisors...

Michelle said...

I forgot to look at which type of nerd I am, which probably makes me a forgetful nerd. Actually, my nerd scores were pretty low, except in the Lit/History domain. You beat me!